Тракайский замок

Теперь это одно из моих любимых мест. Всегда буду хотеть сюда вернуться ещё на чуть-чуть.

Written by Maestro



Hello, it is Julija from Vilnius. Thanks for my Russian teacher, that I can read in Russian. However, writting seems overwhelming task to me :) Your site is really interesting, i will follow the notes. I am so glad that You’ve liked Trakai castle :) and that note about 15 LTL for coffee… 😀 I don’t know where You bought it, usually it doesn’t cost so much…
When I had to send You a postcard in Postrossing, I chose: postcard with Gediminas castle, o with Trakai castle… It seems that I overshooted 😀
Looking forward for some words about Kaziuko market ;)


Hello Julija! I happy to see you) You teacher make good work and we can talk about our common interests) This summer I want to come some times with motorbike and bicycle and ride by Lietuva. I see a lot of nice places and want to visit it’s. Of course, I visit Trakai again — it’s better) I hope see you! Write to me, don’t forget)

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